Top Dressing

GroundHOG will add a layer of ‘home mix quality soil’ to the lawn surface. Top Dressing benefits the lawn as it builds up the quality of the soil over a period of time, – sandy soils will be able to retain moisture better and so the lawn will be more resistant to drought; clay soils will drain better thus improving root development. Another benefit of Top Dressing the lawn is that it will help to even out any lumps and bumps that are present on an uneven lawn, filling in any small hollows that may develop.

Top Dressing also stimulates the grass to produce new shoots and so this results in denser grass cover which helps combat the onset of weed and moss infestation.

Top Dressing is carried out routinely by GroundHOG’s professional green keepers to ensure a top quality finish. If you want a really top quality lawn that can meet professional, standards then you should top dress your lawn annually.

Good soil is living soil. That may sound like a cliché, but it’s true. One tablespoon of soil can contain billions of microorganisms. These microscopic organisms are one of the reasons we have plants and trees. In nature, soil microbes enrich soil by converting fallen leaves, limbs and other debris into nutrients plants can use.

Top dressing is simply a way of restoring that balance to home lawns, building good soil and increasing soil flora.

Top Dressing adds organic matter to soils.

Top Dressing can build up the soil flora.

Top Dressing with core aeration helps change soil structure.

Compost Top Dressing with the right biological components can help reduce lawn diseases.

Adding compost helps reduce traffic stress.

Compost incorporated into heavy soils helps relieve compaction problems.

Compost incorporated into sandy soils helps with water retention.

Top Dressing with the right materials can help reduce the need for fertilizer.

Top Dressing can help reduce thatch.


Some lawns may require be dethatching or heavy core aeration before top dressing is applied. One of the most beneficial things you can do for your lawn is “core aeration.” Core aeration relieves soil compaction by removing plugs of soil 3/4-inch wide and 2 ½ to 3 inches long.

Step 1:  Run and subsequently flag all irrigation heads (if applicable) prior to work beginning; thus preventing damage from core aeration services.

Step 2:  Core Aeration: The turf area is core aerated to reverse compaction of the soil surface up to 3 inches. This allows the top dressing material to mix with the existing soil and promotes vigorous root growth for a healthy turf.

Step 3: Top Dressing Application: State of the art top dressing equipment is used to apply white sand in a universal fashion across the turf area.

Step 4: Leveling / Dragging / Raking: The turf area is then dragged and swept to move the top dressing material to the lower areas of the lawn in order to further promote the leveling process.

Top Dressing Pricing Starts at $850 for an average size yard.

Core Aeration services begin at $185.