Outdoor Living Spaces

Custom Outdoor Living Spaces offer you an excellent way to enhance your outdoor environment. Let GroundHOG designers work with you to redefine your outdoor living space with a one-stop shop for a comprehensive selection of professional outdoor services, including decks and screened-in porch construction, landscape architecture, hardscape design and installation, front yard and backyard landscaping, and more. We create stunning outdoor living spaces for discerning homeowners in and around Mandeville and Covington who demand superior results and a worry-free customer experience. You decide and we’ll work with you to realize your dream.


There is one thing that arbors, pergolas and gazebos all have in common – shade. If your backyard is on the sunny side, then you’ll need something that can protect you from the sun, while allowing you to be outdoors at the same time.


A deck or patio provides a great place for people to gather. There are many different custom designs available, and you can include space to put a grill, or put in a deck or patio next to your new outdoor kitchen. Either way one will make being outdoors that much more fun.


One great way to get the most out of your outdoor living space is by building an outdoor fire pit. Place it in a central, easy to access location providing a focal point for friends and family to gather.


An outdoor kitchen is very convenient. Running into and out of your house repeatedly during a party is no fun at all. Whether you like to cook, deep fry, grill, or bake, we have the kitchen gear that you need including:

  • Grills: charcoal, electric or gas
  • Smokers
  • Outdoor pizza ovens or standard ovens
  • Deep fryers
  • Outdoor stoves and burners
  • Refrigerators


Not only does well-planned outdoor lighting make your yard look beautiful, it will also increase its usage. You won’t have to head inside anymore once it gets too dark to see whom you are talking to or where you are going.  GroundHOG Landscape will help you choose a lighting arrangement that will make your outdoor living space more useful, as well as one that adds intimacy and warmth to your yard.


A backyard is not complete without a comfortable sitting area. Built-in seating areas and benches encourage people to relax and enjoy everything your backyard has to offer. Other conversation and gathering areas can almost guarantee that all of your new outdoor living upgrades will all go to good use. There are many different styles and types of seating to choose from, so you should have no trouble finding the ones that fit your design and lifestyle.


Pavers can be used in driveways, as pool decks and as pathways. Pavers are one of the strongest materials that can be used as a landscape foundation. We provide a large selection of size and style of pavers to enhance your property. Landscape pavers beautify your outdoor living space, and offer you easy maintenance. A properly built paved area can last for decades and bring a lot of value to a property.


No landscape is complete without considering the living part of the landscape. Some softscape features may be permanent, such as evergreen trees and shrubs, or they may be temporary, such as flowers or vegetable gardens. This is what makes softscaping so much fun, as it’s always changing with the seasons and the vision of the homeowner. There are many things to consider: How much maintenance do you want to do? Do you want to replace annuals each year or prune shrubs? Let our designers at GroundHOG Landscaping help with your upcoming landscaping project and find your perfect yard.


Garden walls made with concrete instead of wooden fences can be used to add privacy and block noise. Unlike wood concrete does not warp or rot, it requires little maintenance, and it will withstand fire and strong winds. Beyond these practical reasons, you can add pattern and texture, incorporate landscaping plants or custom artwork, and even mix in colors. Retaining walls are most often used to hold back a slope but can be used to either reshape or define areas.


Enjoy the tranquil, relaxing sounds and movement of flowing water by adding a waterfall or outdoor fountain to your landscape. Still water has a calming effect that brings inner stillness. We can recreate that effect with a lily pond populated with aquatic plants and koi – or a simple reflecting pool. Our professionals can design and install water features that will enhance your property. Water features often become the focal point of your landscaping with a soft soothing sound and natural ability to attract a variety of birds and butterflies.

Let our designers at GroundHOG work with you to design your perfect outdoor living space. You’ll appreciate the outcome!