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Green Industry PRO Magazine

June/July 2015

Featured Article on GroundHOG Owners

 Tim Twomey & Dalton Fetters

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“Time To Get Personal”

by Gregg Wartgow 

New Orleans-Area Contractor is Growing

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Is your FENCE the focal point?

…maybe it’s time to change your VIEW.


Add a few palms here, different splashes of color there, something small, medium and tall and you have a brand new view.  Do it all at once or spread your plan over a couple of seasons.

“Rule #1, always start with the end in mind,” is what Tim Twomey, one of the owners of GroundHOG, recommends. “Break the Big Picture into bite size pieces according to your space and budget. You can always go bigger if that instant “WOW!” is what you’re looking for, but it may not be necessary for everyone. With healthy soil, proper routine maintenance, fertilization, adequate water and sunlight, your trees, shrubs and perennials will grow tremendously in about three years,” says Twomey.

Dr. Jayne has changed her VIEW.

…and you can too!


One Simple, Plug & Play UpGrade

and in Ten Minutes

You’ll Start Saving More than Just Water

Irrigation Product Spotlight

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Smart in-ground sprinkler systems with rain sensor technology. 

Do you have a dried out brown lawn? Or how about a soggy waterlogged yard? These are common problems for many! …but not anymore!

New, next generation irrigation controllers and rain sensors for in-ground sprinkler systems are in stock and ready for installation on your property today.  Take the worry of watering away!


These advanced controllers know exactly how much to water your yard. They adjust the watering schedule to prevent under or over watering and water waste and runoff; providing the correct moisture to optimize growing in your lawn and landscapes.

 Eco Friendly
Because these new controllers sense when to water, it does so ONLY when your landscape requires it. You can reduce water consumption by up to 70 % compared to earlier generation systems.

To save your time and water… these high tech, smart systems measure instantaneous rainfall data, determine effective rainfall, and then calculate a net replacement value. By compiling and calculating these important figures, zone specific irrigation controllers and sensors promote development for lush, healthy yards.

 Irrigation controllers and rain sensors start at only $526.

…call today to speak with one of our experienced Irrigation Specialists.

GroundHOG technicians can also trouble shoot your existing irrigation system, and can provide repair services for pipes, sprinkler heads, valves, timers, sensors, and more at your commercial or residential property.


“Boots On Your Ground”


John Gillis 

Each newsletter we hope to feature or update you on a member of our team, who they are, hobbies, and little tidbits we found interesting. We hope you enjoy getting to know us better.

John Gillis (Veteran Horticulturist) is a family man first. He has been married to his wife Jennifer since 1998,  they have 2 boys, age 13 and 9. When not involved in family life, John enjoys fishing. He considers his biggest catch to be his wife Jennifer, but the 60lb Grouper wasn’t bad either.

John’s passion for horticulture developed at the age of 13. His first job was working in a nursery. His fondest memory was the relationship he formed with his boss, Lynn. His not so fond memory (although he laughs at it now) was spraying the wrong chemical on the roses and killing the entire crop at age 15. “You only make that mistake once,” said John with a smile. “It took years to get over it.”

As a Gulf War Vet, John proudly served his country from 1989 to 1992.

GroundHOG is fortunate to have John leading the Landscape & Total Property Maintenance team.


Ask “Doc Green”

Question of the Month!

One reader sent us this picture, with the following question. 

 I’ve noticed these beautiful, multi-colored flowers I’ve never seen before.  Can you tell me what they are and how long they blooms?


Doc Green says, “It’s called Angelonia.  Angelonia grows very well in our climate. It is heat and drought tolerant, blooms all season long, doesn’t need to be dead-headed, comes in blue, purple and white, and works well as a cut flower in a vase. It grows to a height of 12″-18″ and is often referred to as the summer snapdragon.”

Doc Green, our veteran horticulturist (a GroundHOG Horticulturist at that!) is absolutely passionate about helping create beautiful and functional outdoor spaces that are harmonious with the native ecology of our area. This groundhog knows it all! Landscapes, Irrigation, Flowers, NatureScaping, Drainage, Lighting and much more!

Doc Green is happy to answer your garden, landscape, and outdoor related questions for FREE. Each month we hope to feature one or two questions with answers that might be helpful to everyone!



Sticking to the Soil

…specializing in what’s beneath the grass.

“It’s not enough to focus on just the grass; you also need to care for the soil below, and in this area, the soil is often a hard-packed clay” says Dalton Fetters of GroundHOG. “So, about five years ago, we decided to begin offering a unique blend of sand-based topdressing for our customers. We have since built a solid reputation and customer base,” he adds.

“Topdressing is much more involved than simply spreading some sand on the grass,” Fetters explains. “The effort involved is perhaps one reason so few companies offer the service. Many customers ask their lawn care companies about topdressing, but they’re told ‘Oh, you don’t need that.’ Well, the only reason everybody says that is because nobody wants to do it–it’s a lot of work. But for us, that’s an opportunity,” says Fetters.

We also take a soil test for clients and suggest they follow the recommendations. As a full service landscape management provider, we help maintain our good reputation by caring about our client’s soil.

“We are hoping to convince more home builders–and get homeowners to ask their builders–to bring in soil amendments when lawns and landscapes are first installed. Already, homeowners who are avid golfers accustomed to seeing topdressing at their course recognize the value of the practice creating healthy turfgrass,” he notes. “Topdressing can be done from early Spring through late fall in our area,” say Fetters.

“We don’t want to just say there’s a problem with the soil, we want to offer a solution,” Fetters explains. 

“We found a way to help people renovate their soil without having to tear the whole lawn out in the process,” says Fetters. The topdressing material is a special blend we created. It includes river sand, top soil and special compost we mix. “We’re really having good results with it,” he adds.  

Topdressing pricing starts around $850.00

…call today for further details.


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